Dessert Menu

Homemade £3.95

Thai Pancake

Cooked With Pandan Leaf To Get The Natural Green & Aromatic Smell Stuffed With Sweet Coconut & Served With Vanilla Ice Cream.

Thai Custard

Made With Coconut Milk, Palm Sugar, Eggs & Monk Beans Served With Vanilla Ice Cream.

Banana Split

Banana With Vanilla Ice Cream Top With Weeping Cream & Sprinkle With Crushed Peanut.

Cricket Ball

Doughnut Ball Ice Cream, Topped With Chocolate Sauce & Chocolate Roll.

Authentic Ice Cream

Thai Ice Tea Ice Cream £3.95

Coconut Ice Cream £3.95

Green Tea Ice Cream £3.95

Mango Ice Cream £3.95

Rum & Raisin £3.50

Mint Choc Chip £3.50

Vanilla Ice Cream £2.95

Strawberry Ice Cream £2.95

Chocolate Ice Cream £2.95

Sorbet £3.50
Blackcurrant Sorbet
Lychee Sorbet