Set Three Course Dinner Menu

Three Course Meal For £13.95
Available Tuesday – Thursday Evenings – Dine In Only



1. Chicken Satay

2. Thai Fish Cakes

4. Spare Ribs

5. Sesame Prawn & Chicken on Toast

7. Vegetable Spring Rolls vegetarian 

9. Vegetable Tempura vegetarian 

71. Breaded King Prawns
Served with sweet chilli sauce.

72. Curry Puff vegetarian 
Stir fried diced potato & onion in a curry powder, fried shallot with sugar palm.

12. Tom Yum Soup spicy
With chicken, mushroom, chilli, lemongrass, lime leaves, lime juice & galangal.

13. Tom Kha Soup
#12 with coconut milk to give it a milder taste.

46. Mushroom Soup vegetarian spicy
#12 as a vegetarian option


Main Course

With a choice of chicken, pork, beef – or bean curd vegetarian 


18. Red Curry spicy
With bamboo shoot & chillies.

19. Green Curry spicy
With green beans, courgette & bamboo shoots.

23. Pad King
Stir fry with ginger, onion, peppers, spring onion & mushrooms.

25. Sweet & Sour
With pineapple, cucumber, mushroom, tomato & spring onion.

26. Pad Kra Poa very spicy
Stir fried chilli, green beans, onion & basil leaves.

27. Pad Moung
Stir fry with cashew nuts, mushrooms, onions, peppers & spring onions.

79. Pad Pig King
Stir fry with green beans, red chilli paste, ginger & lime leaves.

57. Kao Pad
Stir fried rice with onion, tomato & spring onion.

58. Pad See-Iew
Stir fry with noodles, egg, broccoli & soy sauce.

59. Pad Thai Noodles
Stir fry noodles, egg, bean sprouts, carrots & spring onion.

61. Kee Mao Noodles spicy
Stir fry noodles, chillies, garlic, pepper, green beans & basil & egg.

62. Singapore Noodles
Vermicelli rice noodles stir fried with egg, onions, bean sprouts, peppers & turmeric.


To Finish, Choose Either Ice-Cream, Tea or Coffee





Jasmine Tea

Ordinary Tea

Peppermint Tea

Vanilla Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream

Mint Ice Cream